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Episode 85: Things Are Worse TAADAAAA! or Positive But A Little Bummed

The guys are on a roll! New week, new Waiting for Doom! 
(And, yes, we are still waiting on the next issue of Doom Patrol volume 6)

Here's the show notes from over on the Podbean
Come on in, the apocalypse is fine! Heroes are reunited (or rebooted), some are lost, but all are changed as the battle for the soul of New York City heats up! LET'S GET PATROLLING!
Down on Derington Way - 7:53
Doom Clock - 11:44
Doomsplaining - 16:11 - This week we look at issues 58 and 59 of Doom Patrol volume 2, by Grant Morrison, Sean Phillips and Richard Case!
Mailbag O Doom - 39:59 - We read your responses to the question, "Where would you like to be locked up overnight?"

So here's the images you really want to see, right?

Let's start with the Bisley cover for Doom Patrol (v2) #58.

That's a green, green background. Bisley's Robotman borders on iconic. 
Fun fact about this episode. The release dates, 7 July 1992 for issue #58 and 4 August 1992 fell on my birthday and my mother's respectively. Mark your calendars, friends. We expect all the DP gifts. 

Now let's get to the interiors…
A quiet day with Cliff and Kay. 

Sean Phillips doing some Ramona Fradon/Richard Case/Sean Phillips mashup. 

A beautifully art page. 

Cliff catching some static.
Do you kids nowadays even know what static is? 

I'm with Hix on this one: we don't need directions, but there is no denying Sean Phillips' artwork. 

Do not reposition your device. This page was printed this way. As the static cries for help. 

Phillips really could come back for more DP any time. 

Cliff sharing his discovery about the Chief. 

Willoughby Kipling saving the day and backing up the Steele. 

Today was not a good day for Cliff. 

The cover for #59, complete with Batman watch, courtesy of Tom Taggart.
Tom Taggart's covers are so wacky. I'd love to see one in real life. 

One of the ill-fated vignettes that open this issue. 

Morrison via Kipling being cool before cool was mundane. 

Hi Jane. Welcome back. 

Yup. Jane's back, but integrated. 

That Willoughby Kipling. So helpful. 

Cliff just doesn't want to lose anyone else. 
Cliff v. Candlemaker. Give it up for Mike Garvey provided excellent audio effects for the Candlemaker. 

The return of Rebis. 
More than any other issue in this portion of the run, Doom Patrol #59 felt like the Doom Patrol. Even moreso for Mike's awesome effect work on the Candlemaker's voice. I'd love to hear an entire episode read in radio drama format. And dibs on being Larry Trainor if he's in the episode. Or Cliff. I really think I'm more Trainor-voiced than Steele-voiced tho. 

Derington Way
Yes, I do still owe y'all the inaugural (anyone else find that word disappointing nowadays?) installment of Derington by Way of Bonvillian, but, well, I have no excuse. Regardless, here is the Spider-Man the guys mentioned during the podcast. 

Spider-Man from Nick Derington. 

Robotman fighting the awesome fight. 

Extra-special MGA80 (and Derington Twitter) bonus: Iron Man from the Dallas Comic Con. 
And, of course, Question of the Week
What's the most unusual thing on your bucket list?

That's easy. I want to throw a boomerang. Paul, Mike, help a Doom Bro out? Runner-up for me is passing calculus. An inept instructor and even more inept advisor led me to change majors in college, to graphic design and far, far away from all things math-y.   

Monday, February 13, 2017

Episode 84: Zigging Instead of Zagging OR You want me to lose my dignity?

It's February and, of course, that means some new Waiting for Doom goodness! Check out the notes from Podbean:

Grimacing faces! Misproportioned bodies! Giant mountain men! Sexy ladies who are feeling the cold! That's right gang it's time for more Doom Force with Mike and Paul! Wait, Doom Force??
Down on Derington Way - 7:04
Doom Clock - 11:20
Doomsplaining - 15:16 - This week we look a special one-shot that was released after the shocking events seen in issue 57 of volume 2. Did it answer anything from the current storyline? Nope, because it was the weird, wacky parody known as DOOM FORCE, by Grant Morrison and a whole team of different artists!
Mailbag O Doom - 46:57 - We read your responses to the question, "What is your favourite parody?"

So let's get to it, here's the visuals from Doom Force #1. 

The cover
Spinner's splashtastic debut! 

The team, assembled in splash and priced to sell! 
The Scratch in the pose that Paul tried to have Mike replicate, resulting in a massive chiropractic bill. 

Anton and Una. And the four-color version of hot pink that was all the rage in the 1990s. 
Una, Anton, and the case of the surrendered dignity. 

Poor Shasta. No one loves a living mountain. 

Workman with the "WHOKK!" to put Spinner in control. 

The noggin of the Chief, or Niles Caulder's audition to play the role of the Cosmic Cube in the Marvel movies. 

We got letters. 
What a wacky issue. I like Paul's theory that this story is a dream of Danny's. But if that is the case, what ISN'T sprung from Danny's mind? 

Down on Derington Way
I meant to get here sooner, but it just hasn't happened yet. I plan to present a slightly different take on Down on Derington Way here on the MGA80 blog. I'll be calling it Derington by Way of Bonvillain. I'll still present the bits that Paul and Mike share during their segment (unless I already have, such as the note from Gerard Way in the last post that Paul read to launch the Derington Way bit), but I'll also be including bits from Tamra Bonvillain, as she has a decent Twitter presence and frequently shares her Doom Patrol work there as well as other projects she's working on. 

I've been saving some pieces and will share in the next few days, as I've cleared a bit off my plate. 

For now, here's the pieces that the guys mentioned: 

Shipping updates! 
According to DC's site, Doom Patrol #5 is now shipping March 8 (or 8 March for the rest of the world outside the US) and the Director's Cut is now March 29, which is currently the same day as Doom Patrol #6. 

Paul and Mike did mention the incredibly awesome DC in the 80s site and zine. I have a copy and will be sharing some thoughts about it over on Comicosity, as well as hopefully having a chat with Justin, the man with the plan for DC in the 80s. Here's a link to the Steve Lightle interview. And another link to all of their tagged Doom Patrol coverage, which includes some stellar fan art and other fun bits, like an interview with Richard Case. Check 'em out! 

Question of the Week time! 
The question, as proposed by the Waiting for Doom blokes is: Where would you like to be locked in overnight? 

And, one last thing before I tie this off, thank you. Y'all are a small but mighty bunch here, and DC has recognized that. Check out the comments from last post to see what I mean. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Episode 83: Just Don’t Let It Happen Again OR We Don't Talk About My Karate!

FINALLY! Episode 83 of Waiting for Doom brings us all the goodness of Doom Patrol (volume 6) #4 from Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain, and Todd Klein. Great, great stuff. 

Before we get onto the coverage of the episode though, here's a bit from Gerard Way about Doom Patrol #4. 

It was a bit tardy, sure, but well worth the wait. I subscribe to the theory that I'd rather have a completed vision by the intended creative team delayed if necessary than a patchwork beast stitched together simply to maintain a deadline. 

Besides, Derington's artwork is timeless, so when you re-read this issue, there's just no way you'll ever remember anything even remotely resembling a delay. 

So here's the rundown about Waiting for Doom Episode 83 from Podbean. 
Episode 83: Just Don’t Let It Happen AgainSurly teens! Revelations in outer space! Prison ships! Cassette tapes (ask your parents)! Nematodes! This weirdness can only mean one thing - time for more Doom Patrol! Let's get Patrolling!
Doom Clock - 4:38
Doomsplaining - 7:52 - It's a non-Waiting week! HOORAY! This week we dive into issue 4 of volume 6 by Gerard Way and Nick Derington!
Mailbag O Doom - 48:30 - We read your responses to the question, "Which powers (and disadvantages) of a Doom Patrol member would you most want to have?"

Here's the stuff from the issue. Some good stuff, some great stuff. I tried to minimize using full pages because you really should be reading this comic. Really. 

Derington's cover featuring the bustling scene at Danny Burger. Star Wars' blue milk has nothing on the blue buns on that burger! 
We've seen the scene before, but this panel is so engrossing.
So much DC Comics love going on here. 
The issue opens with Sam (Casey Brinke's EMT pal from the first issue of this volume) trying to get his fifteen-year-old son, Lucius, to stop his sorcerous ways (evidently he really liked Doctor Strange as well) before it rouses Lucius' grandmother. Sam and Lucius have a heart-to-heart in the form of shouting at each other, and the scene cuts with Sam heading off to put his mother to bed. 

From there, Cliff Steele (Robotman), Larry Trainor, and the Negative Being (who we learn is named Keeg - that's geek backwards) arrive in the Negative Space, facing N'Hall, the Negative Entity. Paul pronounced it "na-HALL" on the podcast, but in my brain, I was reading it "en-HALE", kind of like "inhale".  Think of the entity what you will. Call it what you will.  
The Negative Space, which, surprisingly has no negative space. 
As a graduate of a fine arts program, I have to say this Negative Space looks nothing at all like the negative space my teachers would always talk about being around our life drawing models or between still life components. Maybe those profs weren't so educated. . .

Anyway, as each of the three prior issues have done, this one checks in on Niles Caulder, who, to no one's surprise is being quite voyeuristic with a giant monitor. And a dog. 

The other side of the monitor is the robotic being Caulder was assembling in a previous issue, but he's deactivated now, setting up a nice transition to Casey Brinke and Fugg. 
Between this and Guardians of the Galaxy, cassettes are in line to be the next vinyl.  

Casey learns a bit more about herself. We see Ricardo (from issue #1) again, and an escape attempt is made. 

Returning to the Negative Space, Larry Trainor and Keeg Bovo stand trial for violating the Ninth Law of the Negative Space.  It is also revealed that Trainor has violated the First Law. So an issue that was going to provide some answers (and it does) also begins constructing the legend and the law of Negative Space. Nice bit of worl - universe-building there. 
Back in the Negative Space, Cliff challenges the law. 

 In the course of the trial, Larry is given a chance to speak and to declare his preference. 
And we finally learn what Larry wants. 
Back in the prison setting where Casey, Fugg, and Ricardo find Danny the Ambulance, their escape plan becomes more cohesive. Not without a bit of bickering, some new revelations, and Casey Brinke (rather Gerard Way through Brinke) vocalizing the underlying desire of Doom Patrol collectors everywhere: we'd like action figures, please. 
Danny regales Casey and the reader with how he came to be where he was in the first issue of the series, a story that brings back Crazy Jane. Just me, or do we all now also want Crazy Jane t-shirts and trading cards with Nick Derington art? 
Brilliant collaboration between Derington and Bonvillain. Galaxies never looked better. 
A flashback to just before Doom Patrol (v6) #1. 
The escape comes together. The Vectra are appalled. Their leader revealed, and a cliffhanger is set. Hopefully we won't have as long a wait between issues, but we'll at least be able to re-read a nifty quartet from Way, Derington, Bonvillain, and Klein while we're waiting for Doom Patrol #5.  
The Derington Tug from a couple posts back, now resplendent with Bonvillain color and Klein commentary. 

Getting the heck out of Dodge. With a gorgeous rainbow contrail.
Also, this is Doug's Dig for #4. 
 So, while we wait for the next issue, remember: 

Coming up: DOOM FORCE! And, yes, it IS available on Comixology! 
So there you have it, Patrollers, another issue of the awesomely enjoyable Doom Patrol. Before you go, be sure to sound off: 

Question of the Week: 
What is your favorite parody?
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